Davor Krajnović's Talks

Public talks

Coinciding with the 170 anniversary of the prediction (by Urbain Jean Joseph Le Verrier) and discovery of Neptune at the Berlin Observatory (by Johann Gottfried Galle and Heinrich Louis d'Arrest) on 23 Sept 1846, here are three talks about this most fascinating scientific discovery:
The Discovery of Neptune: Setting the Scene (9.7 MB) Presented on 01.06.2016 at Leibniz-Institut für Astrophysik (AIP), Potsdam
The Discovery of Neptune: The Discovery (15.5 MB) Presented on 01.07.2016 at Leibniz-Institut für Astrophysik (AIP), Potsdam
The Discovery of Neptune: The Juicy parts (19.8 MB) Presented on 01.09.2016 at Leibniz-Institut für Astrophysik (AIP), Potsdam

"Venus in Sole Visa" (27.4 MB). A historical overview of Venus transits and their importance for astronomy and science. Presented on 31.05.2012 at ESO, Garching.

"A Fork, a Trident and a Comb: The Hubble Sequence of Glaxies" (22.5 MB). An overview of galaxy classification. Presented on 05.05.2011 at ESO, Garching.

Science talks (from recent meetings)

"Dynamics of local massive galaxies" (17 MB). An invited review on dynamics of galaxies. Presented at "Birth, life and fate of massive galaxies", Favignana, 03 - 07. September 2018.

"M3G: Probing the detailed structure and dynamics of the most massive galaxies with MUSE" (11 MB). An update on M3G. Presented at "In the footsteps of galaxies", Soverato, 07 - 11. September 2015.

"M3G: the MUSE Most Massive Galaxies Campaign" (16 MB). An overview of the on-going survey with MUSE targeting very massive galaxies in very dense environments. Presented at "The Most Massive Galaxies and their Precusors", Sydney, 09 - 12. February 2015.

"Angular momentum and nuclear surface brightness profiles" (4.3 MB). A contributing talk based on a paper submitted to MNRAS (February 2013) and presented at "Black Hole Fingerprints: Dynamics, Disruptions & Demographics", Snowbird Ski Resort, Utah, USA, 17-22. March 2013.

"ATLAS3D: IFU driven synergy of multi-wavelength observatons" (31.4 MB). A review talk on ATLAS3D project. Presented at 9th Potsdam Thinkshop, "Galaxy surveys using Integral-field spectroscopy: achievements and opportunities", AIP, Potsdam, 10-13. September 2012.

"Kinematic properties of early-type galaxies across environments" (4.7 MB). Kinematics and angular momentum of ETGs with consequences to the Hubble classification of galaxies and morphology-density relation. Presented at "Fornax, Virgo, Coma et al.", ESO, Garching, 27.06 - 01.07.2011.

Science talks (Seminars and lunch talks)

"Formation processes of massive galaxies" (47 Mb). Seminar at the Vienna Observatory, Vienna University, Wien, 16.04.2018.

"Kinematically distinct cores: the unexplained smoking guns of hierarchical formation" (27 Mb). Seminar at the Department of Physics, Macquarie University, Sydney, 13.02.2015.

"Looking at the Universe in colour: commissioning and the first results with MUSE" (76 Mb!!!). Seminar at the Faculty of Physics, University of Zagreb, Zagreb, 21.11.2014.

"Atlas3D Project: connecting early-type galaxies to spirals" (8.2 MB). Seminar at the University of Bologna, Bologna, 19.12.2013.

Lectures (at workshops/schools)

"Kinematics and dynamics of early-type galaxies" (43 Mb). Two 45min lectures at the Dagal 2015 workshop in Heidelberg, Heidelberg, 25.03.2015.

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